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Finding safer, more effective treatment for opioid-induced bowel dysfunction, addiction and overdose.
Aiko's patented portfolio of compounds includes naltrexone / naloxone analogs, including naltrexol, naltrexamine and naloxol derivatives. Each compound has been demonstrated to display neutral antagonist properties at the mu opioid receptor.


AIKO-150 is the only known candidate drug suitable for co-formulation with an opioid analgesic that will confer both abuse resistance and limited side effects, particularly constipation.



United States Patent US 9,061,024 B2 granted. "Combination Analgesic Employing Opioid Agonist and Neutral Antagonist"



The effects of the opiate neutral antagonist 6β-naltrexol in opiate dependent subjects
6βN acts as a neutral opiate antagonist, is less potent than naloxone in precipitating OWD and produces laxation.